Ætsæg Din or Etseg Din (Ossetian: Æцæг Дин, literally “Exact Faith”, “Right Faith”) is the modern organised revival of Ossetian ethnic religion, emerging since the 1980s.
Ossetians an Eastern Iranic people of Alan-Scythian stock inhabiting a homeland in the Caucasus, now split between two states: the North Ossetia–Alania republic within Russia, and the neighbouring partly recognised state of South Ossetia (within Georgia).
In the Ossetian case, certain traditions of folk religion had survived with unbroken continuity, and were revived in rural areas. This contrasts, and interacts, with an urban and more intellectual movement which elaborated a systematic revival religion to overcome the crisis of identity of the Ossetian people, based in ethnic nationalism and opposition against of Russian and Georgian Orthodox Christianity as foreign. 
The Etseg Din movement is active both in North and South Ossetia. Whilst there are no figures about religious demographics for South Ossetia, in North Ossetia–Alania about 29% of the population adheres ethnic or folk religion according to 2012 survey statistics.
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Keeping the religion of the ancestral Iranians alive. Ossetians are remarkable people.

 Takato Yamamoto

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